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GULF OIL is the title sponsor of the Formula Gulf championship and is one of the legendary brands to benefit from the high visibility and excitement generated by this unique sport. Beyond Formula GULF, GULF oil sponsors the Aston Martin Young Drivers team at LeMans and has another Aston Martin entered in the World endurance Championship (WEC).









ITECH Electronics is the Worlds premier supplier of power test products. With a broad range of products from AC and DC Power Supplies to Electronic loads and application specific solutions. ITECH offers the worlds electronics manufacturers and developers the power test and measurement technology needed for todays advanced and energy efficient products. Cato is the first racedriver to achieve sponsorship from ITECH.




DASU and Team Danmark has selected and appointed Cato Poulsen for the Elite Motorsports development program. Cato will receive carieer guidance and gets mental and physical training coaches assigned.





MyDefence Communication is a Danish company specialized in providing advanced wireless solutions for better safety, privacy and security. MyDefence develops mission-critical communication solutions for public authorities, military commanders, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, humanitarian organizations and civilian companies.




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