About Cato

Passion and dedication.

I race because its an incredibly exciting, rewarding and demanding sport. Getting that perfect laptime or making that perfect pass to advance towards the front takes concentration, focus, stamina, physical and mental strength. It does not come easy, it takes 1000's of hours training in the Gym, Simulator and of course on the track.


Racing is a team sport. Even though the driver gets a lot of attention, sponsors, engineers, mechanics, coaches and the team manager are all key to creating success.


Motorsports is a very technically challenging sport. Driving technique, setup of both the cars mechanical and aerodynamic grip and lots of simulator and physical training are all crucial for winning. The environment and situation changes from track to track and depends on weather and a lot of factors. So not only preparation, but ability to anticipate and adapt quickly to the situation is an important part of the sport.


Its these attributes of the sport and a highly professional driver that makes it so interesting for fans and such an attractive investment for corporate sponsors that are ready to engage and get maximum benefit.

Cato Facts

  • Racing Licence: International Professional Licence, Category: Circuit Racing Grade C
  • ASN: DASU, Denmark
  • FIA Driver ranking for participation in Endurance series: Expected to be Silver.
  • Driving Experience and results:
  • 2015/2016: Formula Gulf Championship Winner, Setting new track records at Yas Marina F1 circuit and Dubai autodrome for class. DASU Team Denmark Elite single seater racecar driver
  • 2015: Danish Formula Ford Championship
  • 2014 DASU Team Denmark elite kart driver. FIA Academy Throphy, Danish National Championship: 6th place overall
  • 2013 DASU Race Academy driver, Danish National Championship 7th place overall. Lap record holder at Rødby Kart track.
  • 2010->2012 First years of karting progressing from regional to national championship level.
  • Born: Februar 2000
  • Danish Citizen, Lives in Denmark
  • Lived first 8 years in Colorado, USA
  • High School: Zahles Gymnasium
  • School: Rungsted Private Realskole



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